Support the Bees

Other Ways to Support the Bees!
  • Buy Organic - The more Organic food that's grown, then less pesticides are used, which harms the bees and contaminates their honey.
  • No Chemicals - Stop using chemicals in your garden or lawns.  The chemicals will not only harm the bees and other pollinators, but enter the ground water supply.  Many farmers now buy seeds coated with clothianidin and other systemic insecticides. These can cause the entire plant to become toxic to bees and other insects. The same coatings may soon appear on garden seeds. Check your seed packets carefully.
  • Give them a Drink - All bees need a steady clean water supply, especially during the warmer months.  Consider placing a bird bath in or around your garden, the birds and the bees will both appreciate it.
  • Spread the Love - One way is get some wild flower seeds and spread them where you can.  The more food sources for our wild pollinators the better, let's not forget how nice the flowers will look too.
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Never give a baby honey - can cause botulism )