The structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral Shungite.

Abstract: The composition and structural properties of amorphous, uncrystallized, fullerene analogous (fullerene content 0.01–0.0001% (w/w)) carbon containing natural mineral – shungite, from Zazhoginskoe deposit in Karelia (Russian Federation) are studied. There are submitted data about the nanostructure, obtained with the using of scanning electron microscopy, composition and physical chemical properties of this mineral. Also are demonstrated prospects of using shungite, possessing high absorption, catalytic and bactericidal activity, as an absorbent in water-treatment, water purification, and other industries.

Material and Methods : The study was performed with samples of shungite obtained from Zazhoginsky deposit (Karelia, Russia). Samples were taken and analysed in solid samples according to National standard of the Russian Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology. Samples were put into 100 cm3 hermetically sealed glass tubes after being washed in dist. H2O and dried in crucible furnace, and homogenized in homogenizer by mechanical grinding. For the decomposition of the shungate samples a system of microwave decomposition was used. Other methods of samples processing were watching with dist. H2O, drying, and homogenization on cross beater mill Retsch SK100 (“Retsch Co.”, Germany) and Pulverisette 16 (“Fritsch GMBH”, Germany)

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