A study of the possibility of using shungite in latex rubber formulations for the manufacture of gloves with high resistance to aggressive media.

June 14, 2018



A study was made of the possibility of producing composites based on natural 'Kvaliteks' latex that are filled (20-30 parts) with shungite ('Karelit'). The possibility of producing such composites had been shown earlier for the natural latex 'Revultex' containing a vulcanising group. Therefore, all the composites investigated in the present work contained a vulcanising group (sulphur, ethyl zimate, zinc oxide), and vulcanisation was carried out at a temperature of 125°C. Into the latex was introduced an aqueous dispersion of 'Karelit' with dispersing agent NF. The filler content was the same as in the formulation for gloves resistant to aggressive media. The mechanical properties of films of these composites were on a par with or even slightly superior to those for the standard composites, while the acid and alkali resistances were far higher. Acid- and alkali-resistant gloves manufactured from 'Kvaliteks' latex filled with 'Karelit' shungite satisfy the specifications fully and are considerably superior to standard gloves in terms of resistance to aggressive media in long-term tests.


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